Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility by Joining the Workplace Partnership for Life Business Program

When Employers Value the Gift of Life, Employees Are Engaged

“My employer is a proud supporter of the gift of life made possible with organ, eye and tissue donation.”

There are a few companies in Wyoming that can proudly make this declaration. Can you say this as an employee? Or as a company? Supporting donation by joining our Workplace Partnership for Life business program offers Wyoming businesses a chance to not only educate their employees on organ, eye and tissue donation; but it also serves as a locally focused option to fulfill their corporate social responsibility while maximizing employee engagement.

Valuing Life Equals Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers

Numerous studies show a positive and significant relationship between corporate social responsibility programming and employee engagement. Happy employees mean happy customers and are better for a company’s bottom line.


When employers are intentional and committed to creating a workplace that values the gift of life, it has a direct impact on employee engagement and motivation. The idea that every life has value and every person can make a decision to give the gift of life creates a unique workplace environment that connects all levels of staff, educates employees, and benefits relationships with the local community.

For Some Employees, It’s Personal

As we travel throughout this beautiful state and meet people from all walks of life, we constantly hear amazing and heroic stories. From donor families sharing their loved one’s legacy, to athletes who regain mobility from an ACL repair surgery made possible because of a tissue donor, to an elementary soccer player receiving a second chance through a liver transplant, to a young lady saving her father’s life by donating one of her kidneys; all of these lives were touched by donation and forever changed by the impact of the gift of life.

Learning about donation from an employer shows employees and their families and friends that they are cared about and their life is valued. When just one person can save eight lives with organ donation and save and heal more than 75 lives with tissue donation, the impact on a community is great. Not only does the recipient benefit from a transplant, but donor families tell us how knowing their loved ones legacy lives on helps in their grieving and honors their loved ones decision to give the gift of life. The ripple effect of the gift of life continues to grow as most transplant recipients are able to return to full lives and return to their careers as productive and working members within their communities.

Now is the Time to Make a Difference With Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

“Most people don’t think about donation until it’s too late. We believe talking to people in a relaxed, fun environment can spread the message about organ donation more effectively than in a clinical setting.”

~ Owners of Flying Basset Brewery, a Workplace Partner

In Wyoming, approximately 61% say Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation when they renew or obtain their driver license or state ID at their local Driver Services office. However, the need is still great. Nearly 150 Wyomingites are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and hundreds more wait for healing tissue transplants. The waitlist includes men and women, adults and even children in our neighborhoods and local communities. Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the national organ transplant waiting list and on average, 20 people die each day because the organ they need is not donated in time.

We are proud to offer this re-energized program for free and can customize it to fit the unique culture of our Wyoming businesses. Now is the time for Wyoming employers to sign up to join our Workplace Partnership for Life business program and fulfill your corporate social responsibility that will make a difference with your employees and in our local communities.